Weight Lifting Program

You should only be creating your weight lifting program after you have done the following:

  • set your goals
  • created your diet plan
  • picked out your supplements you will be taking

When creating your weight lifting program it is important to choose the appropriate one for your fitness levels. Going straight into a bodybuilder’s routine is not necessary if you are just starting out. You will actually get better results following a beginner’s weight training routines then doing a bodybuilder’s weight lifting routine.

Something I see a lot of in the gym is people who are starting out doing work out routines that are far too advance for them. What beginners should focus on is learning proper form before moving to more advance weight training routines. This is very vital as it help prevent injuries that are caused by poor form. A beginner’s weight lifting program should be followed for no less than 2 week to learn proper form, helping prevent injury and giving bodies some time to get familiar with the soreness they will be having.

Some Tips to Keeping Good Form

There are three main components that you should keep in mind to let you know whether you are performing proper form:

  • Control the speed of the lift - The faster your lift the less you will be in control. It is better to go slow and control the weight then to use the momentum of the weight during the lift. Another thing is to not let gravity take control during the downwards motion, keep it slow and stay in control. It is important to do this due to the fact that this is the part of the exercise when most muscle fibers are being torn, therefore you will want more fibers torn for more muscle growth .
  • Stability - Make sure you are you are working out the muscle you should be. It is easy to use other muscle groups to assist in the lift, this take away from the effectiveness of the exercise.
  • Full range of motion - It is important to fully do the motion of the exercise to get the full benifits. If you only go half way you only get half the workout and half the results. If you are not able to perform the full range of motion with the weight, lower the weight.

Gauge your fitness levels when choosing weight training routines. Are you non active (do not play any sports or have not lifted weights before), are you athletic (play sports and have lifted weights before), or you are a pro and just looking for new workouts.

Beginners Weight Lifting Program

Intermediate Weight Lifting Routines

Advance Weight Lifting Routines

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