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Protein And Building Muscle

The Potent Powerhouse That Can Make or Break Your Diet

Build Muscle Fast

Proteins are known as the building blocks of the body. They are important nutrients made up of essential amino acids linked together with peptides.

Their main function in the body is tissue repair and growth. In terms of a weight loss diet, proteins play a very important role.

When consumed in the right quantity and quality, they are primarily responsible for building lean muscle mass in the body. The importance of protein in a fat loss and muscle building diet cannot be stressed enough.

When the body doesn't get the required amounts of proteins from diet, protein supplements are prescribed to the individual.
Protein supplements are sourced from various protein products. The quality of protein provided by each source is measured by a term called its Biological Value (BV). This value is calculated by studying how well that particular protein is absorbed and utilized by the body on the basis of nitrogen retention.

The higher a protein's Biological Value, the more nitrogen the body gets to absorb and use. So it follows that the higher a protein’s BV, the more it dissolves fat and promotes the buildup of lean muscle mass - your ultimate goal.

Let us now analyze the various types of Protein sources:

  1. Whey Proteins: Whey Proteins are proteins having the highest BV, clocking in at a super 104. These proteins are easily digestible and have an optimum amino acid layout. They are a great source of protein for a number of amazing reasons such as:

    1. Whey proteins help in reducing stress and consequently Cortisol levels. Cortisol is the hormone that destroys lean muscle mass and causes fat buildup in the body.

    2. They help in increasing the immunity of the body by releasing Glutathione, an immunity enhancing antioxidant found in our body.

    3. They reduce blood pressure.

    4. Unbelievable but true - these proteins even help the body to fight HIV.

  2. Whey Isolates: Whey isolates are derivatives of whey proteins and are easily absorbed into the system, even faster than whey. For this reason, they make an ideal post-workout protein supplement because the body desperately needs to refurbish amino acids after a workout.
    But at other times, taking a whey protein supplement is best in order to avail their health enhancing benefits.

  3. Egg Proteins: Egg proteins are also a high BV protein, second only to whey and clocking in at 100 on the BV scale. These proteins release amino acids slowly and thus provide constant energy throughout the day. They give good quality protein that dissolves fat and helps build lean muscle mass.

  4. Milk Proteins: Milk proteins are biologically called as Calcium Casseinate or Casein. These proteins also have a high Biological value of 91. They are obtained from milk and milk products. Isolating casein causes an increase in bioactive milk peptides in the protein.

  5. These peptides help in increasing immunity of the body, dissolve fat and buildup lean muscle mass. In addition, casein releases amino acids into the blood stream very slowly, thus rating high as an anti-catabolic protein.

  6. Soy Proteins: Soy proteins have many health-enhancing benefits. They help in the prevention of many types of cancers and are great cholesterol busters.

    They also help prevent osteoporosis and the side-effects related with menopause in women. But when it comes to building lean muscle mass, soy protein sadly comes in at a poor last, being an incomplete protein and having a BV of just 49.

These then are the different types of protein sources that can help you to achieve your optimum body weight and lean muscle mass. Choose the perfect combination of proteins that work for you and get your ideal body now!


| Protein | Multi-Vitamins | Vitamin C | EFAs | Amino Acids |
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