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Muscle Building Diet

Having a proper muscle building diet is probably the most important thing to build considerable amounts of muscle mass at the fastest possible rate.

Here I will describe to you the mistakes may people do with their diets, why it is important to create a proper diet, and how to create a proper muscle building diet. Muscle Building Diet









Creating the proper nutrition plan will consist of the best muscle building foods to help nourish your body and reduce recovery time to help you build muscle fast.

Building muscle and fitness is a science and having the proper diet is a big key to understanding how to increase your results.

If you don't see it you don't eat it. First thing you should start off doing when making your muscle building diet is clear out your kitchen with all the junk food, pop, candy etc. And replace it with high protein foods and complex carbohydrates (muscle building foods).

One thing to keep in mind is protein will be your new best friend so buy lots of it, lots of chicken, tuna, and lean beef.

One mistake many people do when trying to build mass is just eat whatever they want. People who do this will gain muscle but will also gain a big layer of fat on top of the muscle making the cutting phase extremely difficult.

What these people don't know is if they were to make a proper muscle building diet and eat high protein foods low in fat and get the proper amount of carbohydrates, these people would stimulate their muscle growth considerably and increase their gains ten folds compared to their diets of eating what they want.

On the other hand, people trying to lose weight go on extremely low calorie diets which end up burning as much muscle as they do fat. When a person loses muscle mass their metabolism also slows down which will cancel out the effects of the low calorie diet. And because of their slowed down metabolism, when these people don't get any results they end up going back to their old habits of eating and end up gaining even more weight.

People who are trying to lose weight should focus on building muscle with a proper muscle building diet and proper exercise routines. The more muscle a person has the more fat/carbohydrates his/her body is able to burn and their metabolism is also increased.

With all this said, now it is time to create your muscle building diet program. When creating your diet plan you must have a proper macronutrient daily intake ratio necessary to reach your desired goals.

What are macronutrients?

Macronutrients are what provide our bodies with energy measured in calories. There are three macronutrients, protein, carbohydrates, and fats which all provide our bodies energy but they all differ in how quickly they supply energy to our body.

It is important to consume the proper amount of protein, carbohydrates, and fats (EFA) to ensure that your body is made into the muscle building machine needed to get that body you want. Below are daily intake ratios for protein/carbohydrates/fats.

Depending on your goals and body type, the daily intake ratio of these will differ to each individual. Not every person is the same so these ratios should just be used as guide lines and may have to be adjusted depending on your results.


  • Lean Mass Gain Ratio 35/45/20
  • Cutting Ratio 45/35/20

Now that you have picked your macronutrient ratio, its time to find your total daily caloric intake. It is important to know this to ensure you are building muscle. To be building muscle you must consume enough calories to provide your body with energy to perform all you daily tasks and enough for you workout routines.

After knowing your caloric needs you must calculate each of your macronutrients in calories then in grams.

The last step is you must spread these throughout the day in six meals. You should be eating six meal a day to keep your metabolism going and to constantly be feeding your muscles (staying anabolic).


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