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Building Muscle and Fitness

If you've always dreamed of changing your body

but never knew where to start, your search is over!! Here you will learn how to trick genetics and build the body you always dreamed of!!

Imagine having the muscle and fitness levels you've always wanted making you more confident, having more energy, and having that self satisfaction of achieving your goal. It is all possible with a little hard work.

Keep reading to see how I went from average to built and ripped fast!!!

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What you will learn here at Building Muscle and Fitness

  • Having set goals - This is vital when planning your path to build muscle and fitness. Setting goals is the starting point of all great achievement, whether it be in sports or academics, having defined clear goals is key to success for building muscle fast.
  • Understanding the importance of a proper diet - Many people overlook their diet when they begin working out. A lot of people just focus on the workouts but don't realize that their diet is just as important as the workout. Having an improper diet can hinder your ability to build muscle.
  • Supplements - I will explain the ones that our bodies need for normal functions (even if you are not working out) and I will list the best supplements to help you build muscle fast and explain how each of them work.
  • Choosing the proper workout program - It is important that you do not try to do advance workout programs when you are starting up. Bodybuilders have worked their way up to doing the intense workout that they do. Depending on your experience will depend which workouts I will recommend to attain your goals.
  • Muscle growth and recovery time - I will explain the process of recovery time and how essential it is to building your muscle and fitness levels. Building muscle happens in the recovery stage, not during the workout. So if not enough time is given for muscles to heal you actually hinder your capabilities to build your muscle and fitness levels.
  • New informative articles will be added regularly

Now a little about myself...

I got into working out at the very young age of 17. At that time, I knew completely nothing about working out or building muscle and fitness.

When I worked out, I would just listen to what my older cousin would tell me to do but I really had no clue about how everything tied together. I even drank protein shakes not knowing how they made you bigger, I just drank them knowing they did.

Muscle and Fitness

Over the years of reading books, magazines, reading countless articles and information posted in forums, I increased my knowledge of building muscle and fitness.

By the time I reached the age of 22, I was the most built and ripped guy out of all my friends. This pic is me at the age of 22 then at the age of 26.

Muscle and Fitness

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But at the age of 28 the worst imaginable thing happened to me at the peak of my physique, I injured my back. During this time I was force to take a year off lifting to heal my back. During this time I lost almost all my muscle gains and gained some fat.

This was such a set back because I was what you call a "hard gainer". It felt like it would take me years to get back to what I was. When I finally got the go ahead to start lifting normal weights again I want to get back to my physique as fast as possibe without paying thousands for a personal trainer and nutritionis. Not to mention more than half the trainers out there dont look the part, why would I pay someone thousands if they cant get the results themselves????? So I started searching online for the best program to get me back to my old self and build muscle fast.

Guess what... I found one!!! With this program not only was I able to get back to my old physique, I was able to surpass it in just alittle over 1 month. Here is my transformation.

beforebuild musclemuscle and fitness

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